Full Moon Date: January 10, 2020 at 2:12PM EST

Moon in Cancer

The Moon rules Cancer, so when she’s here, we absorb and acquire her maternal instinct and suddenly become far more conserved with our homes, families, children and mothers. Just as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, we reflect on our experiences with others. We react to others rather than taking actions of our own, and we are far more likely to react with the sympathy, empathy, and understanding. During the Moon’s passage through this eminently emotional sign, emotions always run high.1

Emotional Healing Ritual

This is a great time for an emotional healing. Allow yourself to feel suppressed emotions therefore moving the energy through your body for healing and balance. Below are the steps you can follow for this healing process.

  • Fill a tub with warm soothing water.
  • To the water add a few drops of one of the following essential oils: gardenia, jasmine, rose.
  • Use one to three of the following crystals (you may bring them with you in the water or place near a tub on the ground): moonstone, rose quartz, malachite.
  • Lit a pink candle and place anywhere in a safe spot near a tub (if you don’t have a pink candle, white will work as well).
  • Submerge into soothing warm water. Give yourself permission to relax while taking deep breaths.

Close your eyes and allow your emotions to surface without trying to suppress them. There is nothing that you need to do or work through. Allow to unfold as it does and trust. You will enjoy the benefits of this emotional release. 

Say out loud:

I release the emotions that buried in my heart.

Stay here for as long as it feels comfortable. 

Important safety notes

Do not leave lit candle unattended! You can put out a candle when leaving and relight it upon your return. It is not recommended to blow out ritual candles. That said, here are some alternative options for you:

  • Use a wick dipper to bend the wick into the wax
  • Use a snuffer (a little bell-shaped thing on a little stick) to snuff out the flame
  • Use the lid, if the candle came with a non-flammable lid, to suffocate the flame

1. Astrological correspondences are provided by the Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar 2020

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