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Current Waning Moon Dates: January 11-23, 2020

Waning Moon

A waning moon is a phase of the moon during lunar cycle between full moon and the new moon. It is a moon that is getting smaller every night. During this phase is a good time to release, let go, part with the old unhealthy habits or relationships.

White Candle

Just a simple white candle can do a big job in releasing emotions, unhealthy habits or letting go of attachments. Fire element have been known for its purification qualities and is used in rituals for as long as the history goes back. Candles became popular in rituals because of its ability to safely hold fire. Modern candles come in variety of colors thus we can add color majick. Fire majick + color majick = success!

White color represents the qualities of purity, cleansing and consecration, healing and truth seeking. It is a color of new beginnings, a clean slate.

Furthermore, candles can be decorated with sacred symbols and words to enhance a ritual. Simple, yet very clever. Without further ado, here is a ritual which I put together for you.

Purification Fire Ritual

Guidelines for performing a Purification Fire Ritual:

  • You will need ONE white candle and matches. I recommend pillar candle, but any other shape will work (as long as it is white). You may choose to burn Frankincense or sandalwood incenses if you have it. If not, do not worry about it. You can keep it simple. Your intention is the main ingredient.
  • Choose a day during waning moon cycle to perform your ritual. There are additional correspondences for planetary days and hours according to which you could perform this ritual either on Wednesday or Saturday. However, I recommend you use your intuition in alignment with your schedule to choose a weekday.
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Silence your phone. Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, relaxing your muscles, releasing the thoughts of a day.
  • Once you feel relaxed and centered, bring your attention to the area in your life which you would like to release and purify.
  • Hold the candle (before lighting it) in both hands and visualize releasing your troubles into it. Now is the time to let go of old habits and blockages. Allow the process of detachment to unfold naturally. You do not need to analyze anything or relive the past. Just acknowledge what you would like to clear. Sit here for as long as you feel comfortable. When ready, proceed to the next step.
  • Place your candle in a fire-safe place. Lit the candle with the intention to transform all which no longer serves you into harmonious and joyful experiences for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet. As you lit the candle, visualize a golden flame of light transforming and purifying your emotional and physical body. Feel yourself being cleansed and healed and feel the sense of freedom that comes as a result of this purification.

Say out loud:

I pray for love to guide me,

to illuminate my heart and mind so that

I may feel the sacred flame of light within my soul.1

Keep the candle burning until the end.

Important safety notes

Do not leave lit candle unattended! You can put out a candle when leaving and relight it upon your return. It is not recommended to blow out ritual candles. That said, here are some alternative options for you:

  • Use a wick dipper to bend the wick into the wax
  • Use a snuffer (a little bell-shaped thing on a little stick) to snuff out the flame
  • Use the lid, if the candle came with a non-flammable lid, to suffocate the flame

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