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Top 5 Crystals I Use to Raise My Energy Levels and Heighten Energy Work

So much have been said and written about crystals and its properties. Books, articles, booklets, brochures, and even oracle cards. The information on a topic of crystals is endless…

Here, I am sharing a list of my top five most used crystals.

  1. Clear quartz: Naturally shaped pointers are my favorite. I have a set of two that I use to bring energy in and to send out in work; I use a specific one for inspiration and creative writing, I have a few that I use to set up a grid in my workplace.
  2. Rose quartz. Mine is in a raw form for the altar. I would wear a rose quartz necklace when I need to stimulate selflove and increase self-esteem
  3. Green aventurine. Mine is tumbled. I use it to raise the energy for healing, selflove, kindness, and also good luck.
  4. Black tourmaline. Mine is in a raw natural form. A large piece I use in work to naturalize any energies and forces that may come to do harm in spiritual practices.
  5. Labradorite. I have a few pieces for different occasions. This stone stimulates psychic vision. The very first time I purchased one and kept it near my bed, I had one of the most vivid dreams. Very powerful, but should be used with caution.

These are my top five crystals I use in work right now.

What are yours? I would love it if you shared in the comments.


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