What people are saying:

“Maria is such a bright light and has a warm, calming energy. Her insight and connection with source is undeniable. She has such a nurturing and gentle way about her that I entrusted her with my son, who is 10. He is starting to have experiences of his own and I wanted him to know, from someone other me, that what he is experiencing IS real.
Maria did a fantastic job of connecting with his energy and giving him the answers that he needed for his spiritual growth and development.” – Amy

“I worked with Maria back in September 2019 and she tuned right into my current life situation. Maria described immediately the major things that were happening for me at that time and gave me the clarity that I was seeking on a subject matter that is close to my heart. I was able to confirm with her all of these things she was able to see. it was very helpful and exciting to have my own clarity and support around those topics in my life provided by her gifts. I was also able to meet Maria prior in person at a retreat in August this year and she is a beautiful, genuine, caring person with the love of humor.” – Cynthia

“I had a reading with Maria in 2019. In the reading, she picked up on a past life where I was an energy worker in ancient Egypt. It was really fascinating and validating to have this information as Egypt continued to pop up in my life. They say that sometimes the reading may not make sense until later. I am starting to fully unpack and understand the meaning of the reading now. It is helping me on my journey to knowing and expressing my soul identity. It was a great experience. I’ve watched Maria in group readings and I love how she brings forth past life experiences to heal in the present moment.” – Krisell

“Maria is a very skilled Reiki practitioner, intuitive and healer. She has the unique gift of being able to remotely tune into her client’s energetic body and spirit and perform distance healing and remote viewing. Maria has received certifications under the tutelage of Crystal Ann Compton and even Laurie Cabot in Salem, Massachusetts. I have met Maria in person and she is beautiful, knowledgeable, authentic and gifted. I highly recommend her services.” – Andrena

“My session with Maria was wonderful. Maria is thorough and the information she channeled was so accurate. She took her time to make sure that the information was well delivered and that all my questions were answered.” – Clarissa

“I just had an akashic records session with Maria and not only is she one of the clearest channel I know, she is kind and utterly honest, while displaying a great desire to serve others with her beautiful gifts. One of my favorite things about Maria is her genuine interest and encouragement to others to nurture psychic and mediumship skills in themselves.” – Ash

“My session with Maria was amazing. Maria gave me information that was very on point and useful. I could validate all that was given by her.” – Kathie

“I looove Maria Cotter. I was blessed to receive an akashic reading with her and it was beautiful, deep, profound, clarifying and HEALING. Highly recommend a reading with this intuitive powerhouse and a gentle package.” – Christine

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