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Uniting Spiritual and Animal Forces Tarot Spread 

The Meaning of the Card

One of the major archetypes of the Tarot cards is the Strength typically pictured as the beast which represents the mighty power of the life-force, our instincts, the wild, animal side of our nature. In the earlier Tarot decks, the beast assumed the shape of a lion, and the human assumed the shape of a man, taming the beast with the truncheon. In modern Tarot decks the beast can take on different shapes: the lion, the boar, the bear, and so forth. It truly depends on the creator of the deck and its cultural background. However, the human has taken the form of a woman gracefully taming the beast with gentle confidence simply by her presence and her touch.

The weapon, be it the sword, the truncheon or other, is resting unused on the ground in the near distance.

The woman pictured in the Strength card has no need for the weapon to tame the wild animal, she is firmly standing in her power. She is representing the Goddess force within each of us which is able to unite our animal instincts and the power of our life-force with the strength of our awareness and compassion. All she needs to do is to simply stand in her own strength.

The modern Tarot decks depict the Strength card in a healing compassionate way. Rather then mastering the wild force in a controlling way, the pictured character allows it to flow through inner self in a creative and life-giving way, opening to the empathy and the healing power of the Goddess. Thus, uniting the spiritual and the animal, the compassionate awareness and the wild instincts.

The Message of the Strength 

“The wild force will flow more strongly through you as you open to the compassionate strength of the Goddess within.”

The Spread

Find the Strength card in your deck and place it on the table in front of you.

Pickup the rest of the cards and shuffle it well. Ask aloud a question:

What triggers me [or Seeker Name] most?

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the left of the Strength card. 

Shuffle the cards again while taking deep breaths. Ask aloud a question:

What is my [Seeker’s] compassionate strength?

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the right of the Strength card. 

Read the cards. Pull additional cards from the remainder of the cards if necessary.