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Surrender Into Creation Process

This spread is inspired by the Tarot major arcana card, The Tower – La Maison De Dieu. When you find yourself in a place where everything seems to collapse and fall apart, it is the time to take deep dive into the whys. This Tarot spread does just that for you.

The Meaning of The Tower

The Tower card stands for complete collapse of old relationships and traditions, for loss of friendships, for a total change in one’s view of life, for disruptions.
As a positive aspect, this card points towards a breakthrough to new times, to new possibilities.

Although the Tarot card is one of the three the most feared cards one might find in the deck, it is the sign of intense transformation by the means of magic. In other words, without the energy of The Tower card, the things would be motionless and stagnate like an old swamp filled with stale water, surrounded by hungry mosquitoes in a forgotten part of the woods.

We want this energy to be able to move into the next phase of our lives, we need this energy to end the suffering and to push us towards new creation.
The process of breaking down and destruction is extremely uncomfortable, it requires us to gather all of our strengths, to use every bit of our creative energy, to stay up at nights coming up with the solutions. It is extremely exhausting and often painful process.

What can help us live through this energy? How can we succeed during the times of the destruction?

For one, The Tower is teaching us to surrender. It is so important not to hold on to the blocks of the old fallen tower, not to carry the weight of it on your showers while trying to survive the fall. Whereas the blocks represent old structures, beliefs, frames of reference, The Tower itself stands for the structure of the personality, which appears to be broken open or radically changed or threatened.

Our journey seems to be one in which we move through cycles of dissolution followed by consolidation or growth. Each time aspects of our self or life seem to dissolve or collapse around us, impediments and blockages are being removed, and when we are “re-formed” we are much stronger and wiser.

Lean closer to The Tower card, examine very carefully… Now, do you see that the lightening bolt is coming out of the Sun? That’s right! What an odd occurrence this would be in nature? Truly the lightning bolt represents the incitement, sudden illumination, a “ta-da” moment.

The power of lightening is forcefully destructive and treacherous. And though lightening destroys the tower setting it on fire, it is highly beneficial. It creates ozone in the atmosphere and fertilizes the land for miles around the area which it strikes. The oak struck by lightning is one of the esoteric symbols of the enlightened Druid.

Your entire life might be in the process of reinvention as the result of shining light into the places which have been in the dark until this very moment. As you collect the strengths to move forward, things will not be the same. In this phase you will find an absolute freedom. 

The Message of The Tower

“You are bless with inspiration. Fury may precede grace, destruction may precede creation. The word of liberation, deepening and illumination progresses.” – Phillip Carr-Gomm

The Spread

Find The Tower card and place it on the table in front of you.

Pickup the rest of the cards and shuffle it well. Ask out loud a question:

“What am I [or Seeker Name] is holding on to?”

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the left of The Tower card. 

Shuffle the cards again while taking deep breaths. Ask out loud a question:

“What can I [or Seeker Name] can do to surrender?”

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the right of The Tower card. 

Read the cards. Pull additional cards from the remainder of the cards if necessary. 



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