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Soul’s Journey Two-Card Tarot Spread

Tarot’s structure aligns itself perfectly with the narrative pattern Joseph Campbell describes as the “Hero’s Journey”. the storyline is a metaphor for growth lessons and life experience. 

The Fool represents our soul which sets off in search of adventure and experience. It encounters a series of terrestrial authorities, each more powerful that the previous one. 

Tarot’s major arcana is a symbolic representation of this voyage through three distinct stages: 

I. The Earthly Journey: Magician; High Priestess; Empress; Emperor; Hierophant; Lovers; Chariot.

II. The Spiritual Journey: Strength; Hermit; Wheel; Justice; Hanged Man; Death; Temperance.

III. The Heavenly Journey: Devil; Tower; Star; Moon; Sun; Judgement; World.

The Spread

Separate the major arcana from the minor arcana cards. Set minor arcana cards aside.

Pickup the packet with the major arcana cards and shuffle it. Ask out loud a question:

“What is the current stage of my [or Sitter’s] soul?”

Pull one card and lay it down on the table. 

Pickup the packet with the minor arcana cards. Shuffle it well. Ask out loud a question:

“What is my [or Sitter’s] mind and body should be focusing on at this stage?”

Pull one card and lay it down on the table. 

Read the cards. Pull additional cards from the minor arcana packet if necessary. 

Remember that your mind conceives your reality.

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