Psychic Reading on Zoom (30)min

This reading takes place online using Zoom’s webinar platform.

Half hour readings are good for a comprehensive review of a single question or a simpler review of a couple different ones. I can help you form your question(s) in a way which would allow you to become the leader in a situation. Together we will gather information and receive guidance which is necessary for you to confidently move forward in achieving your bravest goals and wildest dreams.

Often times, at the beginning of session, I would receive a vision of the inquiry you have and quite often the reading followed would be based around it, all the while Spirit guiding us along the way throughout the reading.  

Tarot cards will be laid out in the Celtic Cross spread, additional cards will be pulled to clarify anything that needs to be. An uplifting affirmation card will be drawn from an oracle deck of my choice. All messages received clairvoyantly and clairsentiently will be delivered to you for your highest good.

Some sneak peeking at the future will happen in a reading, but I want you to keep in mind that future events depend on the actions you take. If you choose to do one thing over another after the reading, the outcome of future events will shift and change. The purpose of a reading is to review preceding events, clarify the present and take a glimpse of a possible outcome.

If this is your first time having a reading with me, please allow some time for the introduction.

I look forward to a reading for you, my friend!