Psychic Powers Ointment


Need a boost for a reading? Psychic Powers Ointment is great for boosting your own psychic senses. It can be used for Tarot, oracle and psychic readings for self  and others.

Are you looking for prophetic dreams? Include Psychic Powers Ointment into your bedtime ritual to slip into the realm of meaningful, luminous and colorful dreams.

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Psychic Powers Ointment is inspired by the mystical powers of the herbs and nature. It is designed to strengthen your psychic senses, to open the third eye and enhance receptive abilities.

I have used a combination of natural energies from the organic and locally harvested herbs, natural crystals and oils. The Psychic Powers Ointment was prepared on the full Moon and charged in accordance with the Cabot traditions to enhance individual psychic abilities. It was then hand poured into the glass vessels and sprinkled with the crushed amethyst. There are amethyst CRYSTALS INSIDE.

Though this ointment contains energies in and of itself, it is far more effective when used in conjunction with a ritual. This is the energy used in herb magic: personal power and that which resides in plants. By combining these two forces, by moving them from within to without and by giving them purpose and direction, ointment magic creates needed change.

How to Use. Apply a small amount to anoint the temples, middle of the forehead (third eye) and back of the neck prior to performing any divinatory or dream work.

Ingredients: coconut oil, mugwort, lemongrass, bay, yarrow, star anise, rose, lily of the valley, vitamin E, sea salt, amethyst crystals.

Allergies. As with any other product, it is recommended to try a small amount of this ointment on the back of your hand. If you develop a skin rush or any other symptoms, do not use this product.

Storage. Store at the room temperature in the dry dark place. When stored correctly, this product will last up to four years from the opening date. At the slightest occurrence of changes in the cosmetic product, it should be thrown away immediately.

Size: 1 oz / 30 mL

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