Green Jasper – Natural Rough – 2000 Carats


African Green Jasper in its natural rough state.

Stones shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from item to item.

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Jasper is a common stone, an opaque variety of all chalcedonies, which is a form of quartz. Found in a wide range of colors – red, brown, and green being quite common – it has been used in magick since the earliest times. In ancient Egypt, a green jasper engraved with the image of a dragon surrounded by rays was worn to strengthen digestive tract.

Generally, jasper is worn or carried to promote mental process and to restrain dangerous desires or whims that could lead to hazardous situations. It is also a protective stone against both physical and nonphysical hazards. 

Green jasper has receptive energy. It is ruled by planet Venus, and it represents an earth element. This is a healing amulet and health talisman. Ring green candles with green Jasper to promote the body’s healing or to ward off ill-health. Place it under pillow to promote restful sleep. It is also worn to become more sympathetic to others’ emotional and mental states. *  

Use it in conjunction with your divination cards for manifestation. Pull Eight of Diamonds card from the Maria’s Divination Cards deck, set it before green candle with green jasper and say aloud card’s affirmation: “I am blessed with understanding and supportive friends.” You can use jasper with the Nine of Diamonds card in a similar fashion, with correlated affirmation: “My relationships are filled with trust, honesty, open communication, mutual understanding, and most of all love.”


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