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Mediumship Session

Do you believe in life after life? Do you have a deep sense of knowing that your family member, dear friend or beloved pet is with you even though he/she no longer has a physical body? Do you notice a soft scent of your mother’s perfume bringing warm memories of her? Do you feel a feather-light touch on your shoulder reminding you of your beloved friend? Do you see a slight movement out of the corner of your eye making you think of your happy tail wagging dog? 


Intuitive Consultation

Are you pondering whether or not to accept a new job or relocate to a new home? Are you in a process of life transition and in need of intuitive insight on a situation? Do you have questions about relationship or career?


Medical Intuitive Consultation

Have you noticed that when your energy levels run low, you are most likely to come down with a cold? Have you made the connection between stress at work and your back/neck pain or upset stomach? Have you been wondering if a flare-up in your family dynamics are affecting your physical wellbeing? Are you feeling down or depressed or tired without knowing why?


Gallery Reading

Group sessions at your location. Contact for pricing and scheduling.

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