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Reveal the Hidden Truths Tarot Spread

The Meaning of the Card

The Judgement, major arcana Tarot card, is the second to the last card in the major arcana raw. When all is done and nothing is left to say, or show, or do, the Fool is ready to surrender to the World.  

In the classical Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Judgment card depicts a biblical symbology with the Arcangel Gabrielle calling the soul to wake up for its final destination: The World. It is well known that it is impossible to enter the other world carrying the possessions of the physical world. We must leave every accumulated thing behind. It is with this realization that we are able to proceed to the next phase in life. 

The Judgment card represents pure transformation, the “ta-da” moment, the obstacle bump over which you might be trying to climb for a long time, the evolution of life. The time has come, the moment is yours, there is no going back. The only way left is forward.

The Message of the Card

The only constant in life is change.

The Spread

Find the Judgement card in your deck and lay it on the table in front of you. This card is the “Significator” in this spread. 

Pick up the rest of the cards and shuffle them well. Ask aloud a question: 

“What do I need to reveal about self [or Seeker Name]? “ 

Stop shuffling and pull the card from the top. Lay it down to the left of the Significator card.  

Shuffle the cards again while taking deep breaths. Ask aloud a question: 

“What do I [Seeker’s] do next? “

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the right of the Significator card.  

Read the cards. Pull additional cards from the remainder of the cards if necessary.  

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