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Being a parent is one of the toughest job I have ever had.

Short nights with little sleep and long days with big tasks
to keep your little one safe. Endless routines which make you cry and laugh at
the same tie… Sleep, eat, diaper change, meal prep, clean, laundry… Wake up the
next day and do it again.

In my work, I raise high vibrational energy of love coming
from the heart center, creating the field in which I connect with my clients
and their loved ones (including these who moved to a world of spirit). I have
helped my clients by providing an intuitive insight into a situation with their
children. Whether it is a parent with a troubling teenager or a mother of a
young child who is being bullied at school or being prescribed medication for
behavioral correction. I tune into parent and a child fields providing
intuitive insights from a higher perspective therefore assisting parents with
the toughest job of all.

Is there something that you are worried about with your one
child? Contact me and let me know.

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