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New Love Tarot/Oracle Card Spread

Looking for someone perfectly special to spend your life with, but having bad luck and growing more disappointed with each heartbreaking breakup? Have you exhausted all your resources in trying many methods and ways to find the perfect love partner, soul mate, twin flame you have been dreaming about?

If yes, this card spread will help you pinpoint the problems, look into hidden self-shadows and straighten you up on a path towards finding satisfying happiness in romantic love relationship.

Get ready to meet the perfect partner! 

The Spread

Find a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted for the duration of the divination session. Center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Allow your body and your mind to relax completely. Visualize the perfect partner you have been looking for. You can go into as many details as you like. Describe the looks, personal qualities and anything that might go along with your vision of an ideal relationship.  

When ready, pick up the deck with the divination cards of your choice and shuffle them well. Ask aloud or in your mind each question in the order listed below prior to pulling a card from the deck. You can either pull a card from the top or from the middle of the deck. Whichever resonates with your own style more. Lay the cards in front of you as shown on the illustration at bottom. Lay the final card to the right of the others.  

Card 1. What is my [Seeker’s Name] current belief about romantic relationships?  

Card 2. What past events/circumstances had led me [Seeker’s Name] to this belief? 

Card 3. What are my [Seeker’s Name] present obstacles that need to be eliminated for me [Seeker’s Name] to find a perfect partner?  

Card 4. How my [Seeker’s Name] relationships within the family and friends influence my [Seeker’s Name] search for a partner? 

Card 5. How can I [Seeker’s Name] heal past broken hearts/disappointments? 

Card 6. What joys had I [Seeker’s Name] left behind as the result of past disappointments? 

Card 7. How can I [Seeker’s Name] bring back my [his/hers] joyful curiosity about love search? 

Card 8. What do I [Seeker’s Name] need to do to move forward with confidence? 

When reading the cards, look at the row as a whole tuning in with your emotions and feelings. What do you FEEL? Do not reach for the book with the written definitions yet. Forget the written meanings of the cards. These are not meant for you. The cards are filled with hidden symbols and messages readily available to your subconscious mind. It is your conscious mind that needs to catch up.  

Return to the spread of questions. And answer them with the help of the cards.  

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