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Discover Self-Trust and Self-Belief Tarot/Oracle Spread

How often do you find yourself having a big dream, but not being able to proceed? What is stopping you? Is it the self-doubting voice in your head talking you out of it? Is it your past experiences which have led you to failures? What is it? What makes you think or believe that you will fail again? 

Fear not, with this Tarot/Oracle spread you will be able to identify these truths, to heal and to move forward with renewed confidence and strength.

Get your cards ready, settle down in a cozy place and let us get started!

What You Will Need

The Spread

Center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Allow your body and your mind to relax completely. When ready, pick up the deck with Tarot cards and shuffle them well. Ask aloud or in your mind each question in the order listed below prior to pulling a card from the deck. You can either pull a card from the top or from the middle of the deck. Whichever resonates with your own style more. Lay the cards in front of you from left to right as shown in the illustration at bottom. 

When ready for the fourth and final card, pick up a deck with the oracle cards. Shuffle them well asking aloud the fourth question and pick a card (from the top or middle of the deck, whichever you prefer). Lay the final card to the right of the others.  

Card 1. Self-Belief: Tarot Card. What is my belief or doubt that is currently holding me back (limiting me)?  

Card 2. Self-Trust: Tarot Card. Where do I need to trust myself more to make decisions in alignment with my values and goals? 

Card 3. Self-Appreciation: Tarot Card. How do I currently value myself and my accomplishments?  

Card 4. Action Step. Oracle Card. How can I move forward with confidence and self-trust? 

When reading the cards, look at the row as a whole tuning in with your emotions and feelings. What do you FEEL? Do not reach for the book with the written definitions yet. Forget the written meanings of the cards. These are not meant for you. The cards are filled with hidden symbols and messages readily available to your subconscious mind. It is your conscious mind that needs to catch up.  

Journaling is a favorable stimulating activity which allows the subconscious mind to flow freely out into the conscious world. Pick up your journal or a piece of paper, grab your pen and begin writing. Do not analyze what you write, but rather go on with your feelings. Write everything the cards made you feel and all that you see on each card. Absorb the colors, notice the objects. Look at the people depicted on the cards. What are they wearing? Where are they looking? What are they doing? 

Return to the spread of questions. And answer them with the help of the cards.   


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