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Money & Prosperity Spell

Are you are planning to start a business or expand it and you are in need of finances to support it? If so, this spell is for you! This spell/ritual works for everyone. This type of magic is, what I like to call, practical magic and can be used by anyone.

Moon Phase: New to full
Day: Sunday or Thursday*
Supplies: Small black coin purse (you may use a small wood treasure chest instead. I just saw one at the Michael’s craft store for $1.99); silver coins (variety of your local currency coins in silver. Wash them thoroughly prior to using); three mint leaves to draw money in (I took mine from the mint plant growing in my backyard, but you can purchase a plant either at your local supermarket or nursery); some garlic peals to keep money once you have it; one small silver pentacle**; some silver glitter aka “fairy dust”; three silver bells to dispel incorrect energy around your finances (also can be found at the Michael’s craft store); a piece of paper and a pen.

On a slip of paper write your name and the amount of money needed, then add the words “and a little extra”. Place everything inside the purse or chest and close it. Say the following chant 9 time while shaking the purse/chest:

Money, money, come to me.
Bring to me prosperity.
Silver coins and silver bells,
Silver star, the money swells!

Begin saying softly, then increase volume of your voice as you rise energy. Leave the purse/chest by your register or carry with you until you receive the money desired. To keep money flowing toward you, remember to give some of what you have received to charity or to a friend in need. Save the purse/chest until you need it again. Add fresh herbs and tree more coins to reactivate the energy.

Optional additions to this spell/ritual.

  • You may decorate the purse/chest with one or more of the following symbols: Sun symbol ⊙, Jupiter symbol ♃ , Fehu rune ᚠ
  • You may add a piece of citrine stone to the purse/chest

* Some June dates which are suitable for this work: June 13th and June 20th (also Summer Solstice and might be one of the best dates for this type of work).
** The pentacle is a type of talisman, a ritual object that by its very nature produces energy for a specific desired effect. It is a five-pointed star in a circle. The five points are for the five physical senses through which earthly knowledge enters the world, while the circle is the secret sixth sense, psychic sense. The points of the pentagram also embody the five elements: earth (your body), water (emotions), air (mind), fire (vitality) and spirit (invisible spark).*** If you are however not able to find a pentacle, you may use a five-pointed silver star instead.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I would love it if you shared your results of this work in this post as well.
Good luck and I wish your dreams come true.

*** Pentacle definition by Laurie Cabot from the Book of Shadows 

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