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Decrypt Messages From Your Spirit Guides 

This spread is inspired by the Tarot major arcana card, The High Priestess – Junun. When your Spirt Guides place in front of you repeating number sequences, the repeating names or places, what to make of it? Sure there are online dictionaries which offer meanings or some clues, but what does your message means specifically to you? This Tarot shall help you figure that out.

The Meaning of The High Priestess

The High Priestess holds the second position in the major arcana. She silently greets the Fool after his encounter with The Magician who taught him that with the use of the magic tools and elements, he can be whatever or whoever he wants in tis world. But in contrast The Hight Priestess is entirely still and silent with the exception of the murmurs of the floating waters at her feet. 

And so the Fool is forced to pause his journey captivated and hypnotized by magnificent beauty and silent power of the Goddess. He waits and he is rewarded for his patience. The High Priestess invites him to lift the veil she is so carefully guarding thus revealing to him the “real” nature of self, his forgotten knowledge!

The High Priestess holds the answer to our every question, but the ultimate secret is that the answers all along been inside of us. Isn’t that what our Spirit Guides are here for, to help us remember the mystery of our forgotten knowledge. The High Priestess offers the magical power of stillness and depth becoming a mediator of the forces of the Otherworld and our unconscious. 

The Message of The High Priestess

“Present yourself before the Mysteries of Life and before the Goddess or High Priestess in humility and with reverence. Open to the stillness and the depth within you to gain strength and wisdom.”

The Spread

The best time to use this spread is when the time is in between:

  • Spring or autumn equinoxes
  • Sunset or dawn 

Find The High Priestess card in your deck and place it on the table in front of you.

Pickup the rest of the cards and shuffle it well. Ask aloud a question:

What message I [or Seeker Name] should pay attention to?

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the left of The High Priestess card. 

Shuffle the cards again while taking deep breaths. Ask aloud a question:

What does this message mean?

Stop shuffling and pull one card from the top. Lay it down to the right of The High Priestess card. 

Read the cards. Pull additional cards from the remainder of the cards if necessary.