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Hey there! I hope you are staying warm. Well, I grew up in Russia, in a part of a beautiful, mysterious and tough provision called Siberia, where winters are cold, rough and long. The dark and cold nights might be stretching, what feels like, forever. Despite of that, the fresh fallen snow in combination with glimmering light shining from the moon crates such beautiful and mystical experience. I associate winter season with magick, fairy tales and nature’s beauty.

Have you ever been mesmerized by shimmering glittering snow? Have you felt peace and a sense of childlike wonder while looking at it? This is it; this is exactly what you have been doing: boosting your intuition. Visualization and imagination are some of the ways to train your intuition. Here is an exercise you could do on a snowy winter day.

At nightfall, go outside and find a quiet place where you wouldn’t be disturbed. Relax by taking a few deep breaths, mentally letting go of all the experiences you have had throughout the day, releasing it with each breath you take. Relax by closing your eyes for a few moments. When you feel calm, centered and grounded, open your eyes and gaze at the glimmering snow. Ask for the snow and mother nature to take you to your most wonderful and happy childhood memory.

Images will begin appear either in a snow or in your mind eye. Stay with it. Explore that particular memory. Can you recall what you were wearing on that day? Can you feel who you were with and how you might have felt interacting with the people around you? What brought you there? Can you recall your favorite food at that time?

Stay with that memory for as long as it feels comfortable. Ones your vision quest is finished, find a warm comfortable place and pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea, coffee or soup for grounding and warmth. Journal about your experiences. Repeat it as often as you like.

What did you see? How far were you able to go in your memories? Were you able to recall some details which you haven’t thought of since childhood? Please share if you can. Your comments are always loved!


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