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The Importance of Asking a Good Question

Getting questions right is important because it means that you will receive the best information. If you approach an intuitive reader with a vague question, or a question out of sync with your desires, then you aren’t going to receive the quality reading you really want. But when you align your question with what you really want to achieve, then you will get more out of the reading.

A good question acknowledges the personal power that you have over your future. It puts your personal power first and gives your brain something to resolve.
According to Sasha Graham (an author of many popular books including Tarot Diva and 365 Tarot Spreads), these are the three things you can do to construct a power question:

  1. Acknowledge the role that you play in your future.

Our destinies are not written in the stars, so inside of your question, acknowledge how much power you have in your life. Because we all do. We’re all powerful.

  1. State your desired outcome.

Some people are very specific about what they want. If you know what it is, put it inside your question. If you don’t know what your desired outcome is, state the qualities you are looking for. What is it that you want? What are the qualities that you want? Begin by describing how it feels, because altimetry we all know what we want to be feeling.

  1. Construct your question.

Put those two together. Acknowledging the role you are playing in your future, stating what you want, and then create a question.

Conclusion: The question must be a “what” or a “how” question. And it mustn’t be about a third party. And it must be ethical.

Example of a good question: “What can I do to get a new job so that I can do what I like while being fairly compensated?”

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