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Worldwide Healing Meditation

March 10, 2020 @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Join me for a worldwide meditation to raise the energy of peace, health and vitality globally, to end suffer and to restore health.

  • When: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 9:00pm EST
  • Where: In the comfort of your own home


  • Find a quiet place in which you will not be disturbed
  • Silence the ringer on your cellphone
  • Tell others that you do not wish to be disturbed for a duration of meditation
  • Seat or lie down in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes and take 3* intentional breaths:
    • On the inhale, envision light entering your body. The light going through your nose, touching the back of your throat, continuing down your lungs filling it with bright shimmering radiant light. Envision the light spreading from the lungs into your body tissues, infusing every living cell of your body with light and vitality. With each inhale, the light grows bigger and brighter.
    • On the exhale, feel the weight of your body, feel the pull of the gravity. Bring your attention to the surface of your body which is touching the ground/chair/couch/bed (the bottom of your feet, your bottom or palms). Envision the roots sprouting from that area, reaching down for the deep rich soil of the Earth. With each exhale, the roots grow stronger and go deeper. On the last exhale, the roots will reach the core of the Earth (glowing iron crystal core) lovingly wrapping around it.

*If it takes you more than 3 breaths, let it be. You may wish to stay connected to the Earth for as long as it feels comfortable. Tune into the core of the Earth. What do you feel? What do you see with your mind’s eye? Can you feel the core pulsating, the Earth (Gaia) releasing light to your roots, nurturing your body with the vital energy? Feel your heart beating coherently with the beat of the iron crystal core.

  • Once you feel ready, chant the following (out laud or silently in your mind):

May all be happy.

May all look to the good of others.

Om peace, peace, peace.

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March 10, 2020
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Maria Cotter

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