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Easy Money Flow Card Spread

If you need to know what is currently going on with your money flow, then this spread is for you. Are you aware of your thoughts and state of mind about money? Do you think yourself poor? What is the group mind of your family and close friends which relates to your financial success? 

Well, let’s figure this out together, shall we? By the end of this reading, you should be able to identify and pinpoint the problems and have a proposed solution. 

Let’s get rich together… $$$ 

Powerful Affirmation 

“I know it is possible to make living doing something I love.” 

All affirmations are from Maria’s Oracle Deck. You can order your copy from this LINK

The Spread

Find a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted for the duration of the divination session. Center and ground yourself by taking as many deep breaths as you need. Allow your body and your mind to relax completely. Ease into a daydream land…  Imagine yourself living in financial comfort, having all you need effortlessly, in your mind’s eye picture yourself driving the car you love, dining at the fine restaurants, being able to travel around the world, to pay all your bills on time, to dress yourself and your family in fine clothes, supply for your children generously, support your parents comfortably… Whatever your vision of wellness and richness is, invoke it here and now. Be sure that what you are working for is exactly what you want. Write things down if desired. 

When ready, pick up the deck with the oracle or tarot cards and shuffle them well. Ask aloud or in your mind each question in the order listed below prior to pulling a card from the deck. You can either pull a card from the top or from the middle of the deck. Whichever resonates with your own style more. Lay the cards in front of you as shown on the illustration at bottom.

Card 1. How do I currently use my gifts and talents to multiply my assets?  

Card 2. What areas of my life does the money flow to

Card 3. How do my family and close friends influence my money spending habits?  

Card 4. In what areas of my life can I improve my money spending habits

Card 5. How can I set myself up for success

Card 6. How can I change my current money flow pattern so that money flows to me

Card 7. What can I do to improve my financial situation

When reading the cards, look at the row as a whole tuning in with your emotions and feelings. What do you FEEL? Do not reach for the book with the written definitions yet. Forget the written meanings of the cards. These are not meant for you. The cards are filled with hidden symbols and messages readily available to your subconscious mind. It is your conscious mind that needs to catch up.  

Return to the spread of questions. And answer them with the help of the cards.  

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