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Discover How to Start Healing Yourself Physically and Emotionally | Bringing Back to Health Spread

Looking for answers about your health and wellbeing? Or maybe for your close friend or family member…

If you want to deep dive into the HEALTH topic, to learn about what needs to be released in order to start the healing process, or what lessons are being presented with the dis-order, and to get clues on how to attract proper healer for your highest good… Then this card spread might be right for you.

DISCLOSER: I‘m not a doctor. This spread is NOT designed to rid you of illnesses. When need to, seek professional medical assistance. 

Powerful Affirmation 

“I am cultivating a beautiful life free of stress, worries, or fear.” – lesson from the Queen of Diamonds.

All affirmations are from Maria’s Divination Cards. You can order your copy from this LINK

The Spread

I recommend that you find a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted for the duration of the divination session. But if need to, you can read your cards essentially anywhere. 

Begin by centering and grounding yourself with as many deep breaths as you need to take. Allow your body and your mind to relax entirely, sinking into the depth of quietness and relaxation…  Bring to the screen of your mind – your third eye – a vision of yourself or your loved one being happy and well enjoying life to the fullest potential. Hold this vision for as long as you are able to. Then release it, sending it free into the Universe, and relax your muscles, relax your mind…  

When ready, open your eyes and write down on a piece of paper – or in your journal – your vision accompanied by a sketch if you enjoy sketching. Set it aside.

Pick up the deck with the oracle or tarot cards and shuffle them well. Ask aloud or in your mind each question in the order listed below prior to pulling a card from the deck. Lay the cards in front of you as shown on the following illustration.

Card 1. What do I need to let go of for my body to surrender and accept the healing process?  

Card 2. What can I do to release the energy/attachment which is currently holding me back so that the healing can take place? 

Card 3. What is the seat (origin) of this dis-order?  

Card 4. What can I do to accept that which I cannot change so that I can liberate myself letting go of regrets and disappointments

Card 5. What part of my body or soul needs most healing right now

Card 6. How can I see the positive and the lessons which are surfacing with this dis-order

Card 7. How can I bring forward the most correct healer (doctor/therapist/naturopath) into my life or awareness

Card 8. What simple action can I take every day to restore health in my body and mind so that I can thrive

When reading the cards, look at the row as a whole tuning in with your emotions and feelings. What do you FEEL? Do not reach for the book with the written definitions yet. Forget the written meanings of the cards. These are not meant for you. The cards are filled with hidden symbols and messages readily available to your subconscious mind. It is your conscious mind that needs to catch up.  

Return to the spread of questions. And answer them with the help of the cards.

If you are having trouble reading the cards for yourself, you can schedule a one-on-one reading with me HERE.

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