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The Cube in the Desert 

Test – Meditation

Author unknown

The following is an interesting meditation for self-discovery which doesn’t require any preparation or special knowledge. It is fun and easy to do and provides you with the very interesting information about self and your surroundings.

Ready to have some fun?

Take a few deep breaths, centering yourself. Close your eyes, feel the warmth at the top of your head, continue breathing slow and steady at your own pace. Feel the warmth on your shoulders, down your spine, your chest, your belly, your hips, thighs and all  the way down to the tips of your toes. Relax.

With your eyes still closed imagine or visualize the desert. What does it look like? What does it make you feel? Is it hot, warm or cold there? Note any details that may come to your mind.

Next, imagine a cube in this desert. What does it look like? What is it made of? Where it is located in the desert? What state is it in? What definitions can you give to this cube? Open your eyes and write these definitions down on paper. If the cube feels funny to you, write it like it is, don’t limit yourself.

Now imagine a ladder. What is it made of? What size is it? How many crossbars does it have? How is it relative to the cube?

Next, imagine flowers. How many flowers do you see? What kind of flowers are they? How are they positioned relative to the cube and the stairs?

Write everything down, make sketches if you like.

Next, imagine or visualize a horse. What kind of horse is it? What color is it? What is its size? What is it doing? Where is it in the picture?

Finally, imagine a storm in this landscape. Where does it occur in relation to other objects? How does it happen? What kind  of storm is it?



Desert represents the life that surrounds you. And how comfortable you are in this desert shows how you feel in life today.

If you feel hot in the desert, it means that today you are not quite comfortable in life. Perhaps a little confused about some events or relationships. 

If you feel good in the desert, then you live quite comfortably in this world.

If it is cold, it means that you are not comfortable in life. There are some circumstances that cause you doubts.

Cube symbolizes your idea of yourself.

Large cube on the ground – exaggerated attention to yourself, an inflated ego, inflated self-esteem.

Small cube – means that you are considering yourself insignificant, shy or misunderstood.

A cube on the ground means that you are feeling well, standing firmly on your feet.

A cube in the distance – you are feeling forgotten, on the sidelines of life.

A cube buried in the sand – you might be  depressed at this time or under the weight of external circumstances.

A cube in the air is associated with a dreamer, a rich imagination, but detached from reality.

A cube protruding beyond the horizon – is associated with great ambitions.

A cube standing on the edge – symbolizes unstable life.

A cube made of durable material – self-confidence, solidity.

A cube of gold – considering yourself priceless.

Glass cube – purity and innocence.

A cube filled with something cloudy or muddy – hate towards self.

Empty inside – means you might be feeling empty or unsatisfied.

The definitions you gave to the cube are self-characteristics.

Ladder symbolizes your nearest social structure (friends, relatives).

A long ladder, with many crossbars – stands for your sociability, a large circle of friends.

A ladder made of unusual material indicates that you feel your friends are strange, and that you are not like everyone else.

A ladders being in poor condition means that you believe the people around you are spoiled.

A ladder far away from the cube means that you do not let others into your personal live, you are surrounded by a wall.

A ladder leaning against the cube means that you believe you do a lot for your friends, giving them more than they do. You are surrounded by weak people.

A ladder on top of the cube – stands for your friends’ & family’s suppress or overwhelming interfere with your personal life.

A ladder under the cube means that you feel supported.

Solid ladder – indicates that you feel surrounded by reliable people, or striving for this.

Flowers represent the role of children in your life.

The number of flowers indicates the number of children you want.

If there are many flowers, it means you want to work with children or wish to be surrounded by them.

Flowers close to the cube means that you really need your children.

Brightly blooming flowers stands for your dream for a bright fate of your children.

Crumpled flowers means that you are surrounded by spoiled children.

Flowers bend in the wind means that you are worried about the difficulties in your children’s lives.

Flowers everywhere including covering the cube means that the children are tiering you.

Beautiful flowers (roses, poppies) means you love your children very much.

Horse stands for your idea of your current sexual partner. If single, it represents your desired partner.

Strong and big horse means that you need a reliable partner.

Color indicates character, temperament, brightness, coldness, etc.

A horse close to the cube means that you need emotional and physical closeness with your partner.

A horse far away from the cube means that you are not in a hurry to fully open up to your partner.

If the horse bites, sniffs, licks the cube, it represents your idea about caresses. A small, obedient horse means that you wish to dominate the relationship.

Unbridled horse – you need an indomitable partner.

Attached horse means you wish to always keep a partner under control.

If the horse is doing something with the stairs, that action represents partner’s relationship with your loved ones.

A horse in the distance means that you are feeling abandoned.

Storm stands for your attitude to life’s problems.

A storm in the distance – there are practically no troubles now.

Approaching storm – afraid of a crisis in life.

Leaving storm – troubles recede.

Big storm – you are feeling like you are in a period of continuous misfortune.

A storm passes by – problems affect you little.

Small storm means that you are not afraid of problems.

I hope this was insightful! I loved this test when I did it in collage with my friends. I used to learn a whole lot about my friends’ love affairs this way!  Fun times… 

Feel free to leave your comments or questions below.

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