Working Through Shadows

Modern life in a modern world is hectic. I move from place to place trying to be somewhere to meet someone to do something at a precisely scheduled time. Working on the schedules for myself and my family have been a part of my routine. I had to or I would miss an important appointment!! I wake up and I have to go! go! go! “There is no time for this” I would often say to my children in the morning while packing lunches, making breakfast and getting ready to get out the door. Dinner times are the same: make dinner, follow the night time routine and get ready for the next day. NO time to wonder or to be bored.Vacation times are scheduled and filled with the activities. We go places, we see places, we eat out, we do things. New things, exciting things.I often wished for the world to stop spinning so fast. I was exhausted!Until it did. The world stopped spinning so fast last March. In the beginning it was an interesting experience of being home without needing to go places, or bring children to places or being…

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Healing in Silence

I would like to begin by expressing my love and sincere sympathy for everyone affected by COVID-19. The loss of the loved ones or the loss of a family income is unimaginable and hardly can be explained in words. My kind thoughts and love go to you. There are as many opinions as humans on Earth and everyone is handling this time of change differently. The spread of the viral disease is as real as it can be. Yet, not many people aware of emotional disease that is also being spread like a wildfire from person to person, affecting many as strongly as physicality of COVID-19. I am writing this in an effort to prevent spreading of the spiritual disease to diminish the feelings of panic, sorrow and hopelessness. Rise above COVID, rise above social media chatter, rise above the news, rise above your own thoughts, silence the noises to go within to heal. If you are on quarantine at home, this may be the best time to practice these simple, yet very effective Reiki principles: Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not be angry.…

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Parent Love

March 11, 2020 Being a parent is the toughest job I have ever had. Short nights with little sleep and long days with big tasksto keep your little one safe. Endless routines which make you cry and laugh atthe same tie… Sleep, eat, diaper change, meal prep, clean, laundry… Wake up thenext day and do it again. In my work, I raise high vibrational energy of love comingfrom the heart center, creating the field in which I connect with my clientsand their loved ones (including these who moved to a world of spirit). I havehelped my clients by providing an intuitive insight into a situation with theirchildren. Whether it is a parent with a troubling teenager or a mother of ayoung child who is being bullied at school or being prescribed medication forbehavioral correction. I tune into parent and a child fields providingintuitive insights from a higher perspective therefore assisting parents withthe toughest job of all. Is there something that you are worried about with your onechild? Contact me and let me know.Share  your favorite content ↡ Work with me Contact Me Boston, MA

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My Booklist

My Love for BooksBooks changed my life. Back in the days when I was just learning to speak English, I went for books. I read them with a dictionary, translating the words and writing them down on pages. It was a slow process, but the books played an important role in the process of learning new language language.At a later time, the books assisted me in my spiritual journey. Books are an amazing source of information as well as an excellent getaway from a daily routine. I would like to share my passion for books and reading by sharing a list of my favorite magical with you. My Majickal BooklistReal Magic by Dean RadinBecoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe DispenzaBreaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe DispenzaAn End to Upside Down Thinking by Mark GoberLuminous Life by Jacob Israel LidermanThe Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand ClowWisdom from Your Spirit Guides by James Van PraagSecrets of Meditation by DavidjiAnatomy of the Spirit by Caroline MyssEastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea JudithThe Power of Now by Eckhart TolleWhere the Two Worlds Meet by Janet Nohavec, Suzanne GiesemannLemuria and Atlantis by Shirley…

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Waning Moon & White Candle

Current Waning Moon Dates: January 11-23, 2020 Waning Moon A waning moon is a phase of the moon during lunar cycle between full moon and the new moon. It is a moon that is getting smaller every night. During this phase is a good time to release, let go, part with the old unhealthy habits or relationships. White Candle Just a simple white candle can do a big job in releasing emotions, unhealthy habits or letting go of attachments. Fire element have been known for its purification qualities and is used in rituals for as long as the history goes back. Candles became popular in rituals because of its ability to safely hold fire. Modern candles come in variety of colors thus we can add color majick. Fire majick + color majick = success! White color represents the qualities of purity, cleansing and consecration, healing and truth seeking. It is a color of new beginnings, a clean slate. Furthermore, candles can be decorated with sacred symbols and words to enhance a ritual. Simple, yet very clever. Without further ado, here is a ritual which I put together for you. Purification Fire…

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Wolf Moon 2020

 Full Moon Date: January 10, 2020 at 2:12PM ESTMoon in CancerThe Moon rules Cancer, so when she’s here, we absorb and acquire her maternal instinct and suddenly become far more conserved with our homes, families, children and mothers. Just as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, we reflect on our experiences with others. We react to others rather than taking actions of our own, and we are far more likely to react with the sympathy, empathy, and understanding. During the Moon’s passage through this eminently emotional sign, emotions always run high.1Emotional Healing RitualThis is a great time for an emotional healing. Allow yourself to feel suppressed emotions therefore moving the energy through your body for healing and balance. Below are the steps you can follow for this healing process.Fill a tub with warm soothing water.To the water add a few drops of one of the following essential oils: gardenia, jasmine, rose.Use one to three of the following crystals (you may bring them with you in the water or place near a tub on the ground): moonstone, rose quartz, malachite.Lit a pink candle and place anywhere in a safe spot near a…

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