Discover How to Start Healing Yourself Physically and Emotionally – Card Spread

Looking for answers about your health and wellbeing? Or maybe for your close friend or family member... If you want to deep dive into the HEALTH topic, to learn about what needs to be released in order to start the healing process, or what lessons are being presented with the dis-order, and to get clues on how to attract proper healer for your highest good... Then this card spread might be right for you.

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Easy Money Flow Card Spread

If you need to know what is currently going on with your money flow, then this spread is for you. Are you aware of your thoughts and state of mind about money? Do you think yourself poor? What is the group mind of your family and close friends which relates to your financial success? Well, let’s figure this out together, shall we? By the end of this reading, you should be able to identify and pinpoint the problems and have a proposed solution. Let’s get rich together... $$$

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New Love Tarot/Oracle Card Spread

Looking for someone perfectly special to spend your life with, but having bad luck and growing more disappointed with each heartbreaking breakup? Have you exhausted all your resources in trying many methods and ways to find the perfect love partner, soul mate, twin flame you have been dreaming about? If yes, this card spread will help you pinpoint the problems, look into hidden self-shadows and straighten you up on a path towards finding satisfying happiness in romantic love relationship. Get ready to meet the perfect partner!

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