Healing in Silence

I would like to begin by expressing my love and sincere sympathy for everyone affected by COVID-19. The loss of the loved ones or the loss of a family income is unimaginable and hardly can be explained in words. My kind thoughts and love go to you. There are as many opinions as humans on Earth and everyone is handling this time of change differently. The spread of the viral disease is as real as it can be. Yet, not many people aware of emotional disease that is also being spread like a wildfire from person to person, affecting many as strongly as physicality of COVID-19. I am writing this in an effort to prevent spreading of the spiritual disease to diminish the feelings of panic, sorrow and hopelessness. Rise above COVID, rise above social media chatter, rise above the news, rise above your own thoughts, silence the noises to go within to heal. If you are on quarantine at home, this may be the best time to practice these simple, yet very effective Reiki principles: Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not be angry.…

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Parent Love

March 11, 2020 Being a parent is the toughest job I have ever had. Short nights with little sleep and long days with big tasksto keep your little one safe. Endless routines which make you cry and laugh atthe same tie… Sleep, eat, diaper change, meal prep, clean, laundry… Wake up thenext day and do it again. In my work, I raise high vibrational energy of love comingfrom the heart center, creating the field in which I connect with my clientsand their loved ones (including these who moved to a world of spirit). I havehelped my clients by providing an intuitive insight into a situation with theirchildren. Whether it is a parent with a troubling teenager or a mother of ayoung child who is being bullied at school or being prescribed medication forbehavioral correction. I tune into parent and a child fields providingintuitive insights from a higher perspective therefore assisting parents withthe toughest job of all. Is there something that you are worried about with your onechild? Contact me and let me know.Share  your favorite content ↡ Work with me Contact Me Boston, MA m.me/MariaYCotter

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