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About Maria

Maria brings an authentic touch to everything she dose. She is genuine, kind and loving craft practitioner who is moved to guide others in finding their own magic within themselves, in becoming individuals confident in their own powers, in unlocking their own hidden treasures to shine from within.

Maria Y. Cotter is a natural-born clairvoyant intuitive who is using the Tarot system as a medium of divination. She had migrated from the mystical land of the Southwestern Siberia, bringing with her the inherited gifts and the timeless traditions of her ancestors.

Today, Maria offers readings at a local shop on the South Shore of Massachusetts and via Zoom for the out-of-state enquirers. She is a certified reader at the Lightshine Lab spiritual community where she streams live broadcast, called Psychic Hour for over 9.6K members.

Maria's Divination Cards

Maria’s Divination Cards deck was created in honor of my grandmother, Alexandra who played an important role in my psychic development. She left many gifts for me prior to crossing over into the Summerland. One of which is the love for cartomancy. She passed away when I was 12 years old, but I steel feel her love guiding me.

My grandmother used to have an old worn-out deck of 36 playing cards. I remember her pulling the deck seemingly out of nowhere and asking me if I would like a reading. “Of course, I would!” I screamed in delight. She would tell me what I had to do to connect to the scrying deck and would put herself to work, swiftly shuffling the cards and masterfully laying them in elaborate intricate manner. No cards were left behind, all were put to work in the spreads she laid out in front of for me.

I was entirely captivated and intrigued by a magical moment in which the veil between visible and invisible world had disappeared making me move to the edge of my seat, leaning closer and closer to the cards and listen carefully to the soft murmurs. The voices of the Queens were gentle yet firm, while the Kings spoke with authority and insertion, meanwhile the Jacks served as a constant reminder of the chores I must face; the warm and loving whispers of the hearts, the promises offered by the clubs, the excitement spilled over by the diamonds and the quiet warnings of the spades. Altogether the cards twirled in a mesmerizing dance choreographed by divine omniscience invisible to the eyes.

In time I had learnt offered methods and techniques, obtained my own deck of cards which were strictly to be used for the divination only and nothing else was allowed to do with it. My deck was carefully packed and stored away, only to be taken out when in need of consultation and guidance. Cards’ loving and guiding wisdom and omniscient power had helped me get through many challenges in time of life transitions.

And that is how, my friend, the deck of Maria’s Divination Cards was birthed, out of my unforgettable passion for this old and ancient divination method taught by my grandmother.

Tarot Readings

In modern time, with the overwhelming amount of electrical devices and rapidly developing technologies, it is becoming more challenging to maintain the connection with our spiritual selves. Yet, more frequently people are prompt to ask questions about the things that exist between the heaven and earth which cannot be explained rationally.

Many are seeking guidance from the spiritual world. The questions very from practical ones to love relations or spirituality or even life meaning wonderings. There is no limitation to what can be asked from the infinitely wise spiritual world. Some people are simply curios and seek a reading for a test.

It is important to note that each Reader has its unique style with their exceptional set of skills, techniques and personality. If you never had a reading with Maria Y. Cotter, please visit The Lightshine Lab online community and search for the Psychic Hour broadcast in which she is providing live reading to the members. You may choose to get a reading yourself at the next broadcast! 

When you know that Maria is the right person for you, you can book a Zoom or In-Person reading with her.

Past Life Readings

Maria offers past life readings to these who are interested in exploring this area. Past life readings are conducted differently than Tarot / Psychic readings. A seeker is asked to provide his/her full name, date of birth and the town/state/country of residence in advance. Maria then uses a deep meditation technique to psychically receive the information about Seeker’s significant past life. 

Gathered information is then discussed in a 30-45 minute Zoom session. 

Cost: $240 per session

If interested, submit past life reading request below.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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